How To Impress Your Man

Most women struggle to maintain good relationships simply because they do not put in the effort to impress their men. Society has coined it in such a way that it is the man who has to go out of his way on a daily basis to impress the woman, and is reciprocated only on special days or events. This should not be the case if you wish to enjoy a wonderful and fruitful relationship. As a woman, you should try your best to ensure that you impress your man at all times. Below are a few tips to help you do exactly that.

Tips to help you impress your man

Buy him gifts


Just like the ladies, men also love gifts. You should spare a little of your money to get your man something special occasionally. It does not have to be something expensive. In fact, you do not even have to buy anything. You can make something for him if you have any skills. Another cheap idea may be to surprise him with an evening treat, where you cook for him, massage him and do any other thing that you know he will appreciate.

Give him some time

When a relationship starts, it is natural to want to spend all the time together with your partner. However, there comes a time when you need to give the man a little bit of time to spend as he pleases. If he loves hanging out with his friends, for example, allow him to do so without nagging him. This will not only improve your relationship with him but with his friends as well.

Share his interests

kkgytfgycfguhjygNothing pleases a man more than being able to do what he loves most with his woman. This means that you should try to get interested in what your man loves to do and try to learn. If he loves sports, join him occasionally on the field and see how happy he will get. Get to understand why he loves the game so much before judging. You might end up liking it just as much.

Show loyalty

This is perhaps the most important point to note. Nearly all men are quite jealous. Even a little hint of disloyalty will generate a major reaction from a man. You need to show him that he is the only one that you are interested in, irrespective of the situation that you are facing.…

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“Focus on Healing Through Movement and Dance, The Lebed Method™®”, is a therapeutic exercise program for women who have had any kind of breast surgery, node dissection, radiation, chemotherapy, or who suffer from chronic fatigue. Two physicians and a dance movement specialist created this program to help women regain and maintain range of motion, help reduce the risk of Lymphedema, help prevent frozen shoulder, help decrease depression, add to increased sexuality and to be fun. Certain exercises can be one of the major preventatives for some future problems for survivors, from one day after surgery to 30 years after surgery. This quality program is needed to help Breast Cancer Survivors survive with a better quality of life.

“The Focus on Healing video is for home use only and because of copyright laws, should not be used by organizations as a teaching tool without the express permission of the creator. Teacher training classes are offered and encouraged for those places who wish to provide classes for their patients to help provide educated instruction for as many breast cancer survivors as possible” Please contact Sherry Lebed Davis at for more information.


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